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  1. W1: The second International Workshop on Scalable Computing for Big Data Analytics (SC-BDA)

  2. W2: Crowd and Cloud Computing

  3. W3: Cloud Services & Systems

  4. W4: The first International Workshop on Internet of Things Technologies (IoTT 2013)

  5. W5: The third International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing in Remote Sensing (PDCRS 2013)

  6. T1: Introduction to MPI (half-day)

  7. T2: Advanced MPI Programming with MPI-2.2 and MPI-3 (half-day)

  8. T3: Tizen (by Samsung)

  9. T4: Tutorial on Ocelot and SST-MacSim Simulator (full-day)

  1. Main Program

  2. December 16, 2013 (Monday)

  1. ICPADS 2013 Opening

  2. Keynote I:

  3. On Fault Resilience of Cloud Computing (Prof. Kang G. Shin)

  4. Session 1A: Multicore Computing

  5. Detecting Correlation Violations and Data Races by Inferring Non-deterministic Reads

  6. Ali Jannesari, Nico Koprowski, Jochen Schimmel, Felix Wolf and Walter Tichy

  7. Efficient Barrier synchronization for OpenMP-like Parallelism on the Intel SCC

  8. Hayder Al-Khalissi, Rainer Buchty and Mladen Berekovic

  9. Mark-Sharing: A Parallel Garbage Collection Algorithm for Low Synchronization Overhead

  10. Hyunkyu Park, Changmin Lee, Seung Hun Kim, Won Woo Ro and Jean-Luc Gaudiot

  11. Adaptive Packet Resizing by Spatial Locality and Data Sharing for Energy-Efficient NOC

  12. Bo Gao and Yuho Jin

  13. Session 1B: Storage

  14. File-Level, Host-Side Flash Caching with Loris

  15. Raja Appuswamy, David C. van Moolenbroek, Andrew S. Tanenbaum and Sharan Santhanam

  16. AGIOS: Application-guided I/O Scheduling for Parallel File Systems

  17. Francieli Zanon Boito, Rodrigo Kassick, Philippe Navaux and Yves Denneulin

  18. A Distributed Cache Framework for Metadata Service of Distributed File System

  19. Yao Sun, Jie Liu, Dan Ye and Hua Zhong

  20. Poster Session:

  21. Nuclear Fusion Simulation Code Optimization on GPU Clusters

  22. Norihisa Fujita, Hideo Nuga, Taisuke Boku and Yasuhiro Idomura

  23. Subpopulation Diversity Based Accepting Immigrant in Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms

  24. Chengjun Li, Jian Wang, Xianbin Yan and Guangdao Hu

  25. Queue Reorganization for Subscription Congestion Avoidance in Publish/Subscribe Systems

  26. Wei Yan, Vinod Muthusamy, Mingwen Chen and Songlin Hu

  27. Accelerating de Bruijn Graph-based Genome Assembly for High-Throughput Short Read Data

  28. Kun Zhao and Weiguo Liu

  29. Workload Estimation Algorithms in Parallel Traffic Simulation

  30. Yan Xu and Gary Tan

  31. A Heuristic Strategy for Performance Optimisation of Stream Programs

  32. Vu Thien Nga Nguyen and Raimund Kirner

  33. On the Portability of the OpenCL Dwarfs on Fixed and Reconfigurable Parallel Platforms

  34. Konstantinos Krommydas, Muhsen Owaida, Christos D. Antonopoulos, Nikolaos Bellas and Wu-Chun Feng

  35. Pangaea: A Single Key Space, Inter-Datacenter Key-Value Store

  36. Hikaru Horie, Masato Asahara, Hiroshi Yamada and Kenji Kono

  37. Adaptive Peer Selection Strategy in P2P-VoD systems based on Dynamic Metaheuristic

  38. Thibaud Rohmer, Amir Nakib and Julien Lepagnot

  39. A Rule Verification and Resolution Framework in Smart Building System

  40. Hong Luo, Ruosi Wang and Xinming Li

  41. System-Level Scheduling of Mixed-Criticality Traffics in Avionics Networks

  42. Jianguo Yao and Guchuan Zhu

  43. The Future of Accelerator Programming: Abstraction, Performance or Can We Have Both?

  44. Kamil Rocki, Martin Burtscher, Reiji Suda

  45. Semantic-Aware Hot Data Selection Policy for Flash File System in Android-based Smartphones

  46. Dongsoo Choi, Dongkun Shin

  47. SHOE: A SPARQL Query Engine Using MapReduce

  48. Beren Chen, Wenhai Li, Yunpeng Li, Wei Song, Weidong Wen, Wanghong Li

  49. MAP: Mobile Assistance Platform with a VM Type Selection Ability

  50. Marvin Ferber, Natalia Kaliinnik, Matthias Korch, Andreas Prell, Thomas Rauber, Matthias Witzgall

  51. Using GPU to Crack Android Pattern based Password

  52. Jaewoo Pi, Pradipta De, Klaus Mueller

  53. Towards Model Checking of Simulation Models for Embedded System Development

  54. Hae Young Lee

  55. Privacy Vulnerability Analysis on Routing in Mobile Social Networks

  56. Yan Sun, Lihua Yin, Shuang Xin

  57. Session 2A: GPU Applications

  58. Evaluating Optimization Strategies for HMMer Acceleration on GPU

  59. Samuel Ferraz and Nahri Moreano

  60. Achieving TeraCUPS on Longest Common Subsequence Problem using GPGPUs

  61. Adnan Ozsoy, Arun Chauhan and Martin Swany

  62. On the GPU-CPU Performance Portability of OpenCL for 3D Stencil Computations

  63. Huayou Su, Nan Wu, Mei Wen, Chunyuan Zhang and Xing Cai

  64. Wideband Channelization for Software-Defined Radio via Mobile Graphics Processors

  65. Vignesh Adhinarayanan and Wuchun Feng

  66. Session 2B: Cloud

  67. Bi-direction adjust heuristic for Workflow Scheduling in Clouds

  68. Zhicheng Cai, Xiaoping Li and Jatinder N. D. Gupta

  69. Particle Swarm Optimization for Energy-Aware Virtual Machine Placement Optimization in Virtualized Data Centers

  70. Shangguang Wang, Zhipiao Liu, Zibin Zheng and Fangchun Yang

  71. An Efficient Power-aware Resource Scheduling Strategy in Virtualized Datacenters

  72. Yazhou Zu, Tian Huang and Yongxin Zhu

  73. Dynamic Virtual Resource Renting Method for Maximizing the Profits of a Cloud Service Provider in a Dynamic Pricing Model

  74. Ao Zhou and Shangguang Wang

  75. December 17, 2013 (Tuesday)

  76. Keynote II:

  77. The Architecture for Discovery in a Parallel Universe (Joseph Curley)

  78. Session 3A: Scheduling

  79. A Data-aware Partitioning and Optimization Method for Large-scale Workflows in Hybrid Computing Environments

  80. Rubing Duan and Xiaorong Li

  81. Apala: Adaptive Partitioning and Load Balancing for State-Transition Applications

  82. Xin Yang, Min Li, Ze Yu, Xiaolin Andy Li, Ming Xue, Sergiu Sanielevici and David O'Neal

  83. PipeFlow Engine: Pipeline Scheduling with Distributed Workflow Made Simple

  84. Yin Li and Lin Chuang

  85. Agent-Based Dynamic Scheduling Using Bidirectional Announcement Mechanism in Distributed Systems

  86. Xiaomin Zhu, Jianqing Jiang, Manhao Ma and Kwang Mong Sim

  87. Session 3B: Mobile Computing

  88. UserScope: A Fine-grained Framework for Collecting Energy-related Smartphone User Contexts

  89. Wonwoo Jung, Kwanghwan Kim and Hojung Cha

  90. Peer-to-Peer Group k-Nearest Neighbours in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

  91. Thao Nghiem, David Green and David Taniar

  92. Continuous Possible K-Nearest Skyline Query in Euclidean Spaces

  93. Yuan-Ko Huang, Zong-Han He and Chiang Lee

  94. ConsumSense: A Framework for Physical Consuming Behavior Prediction on Smartphones

  95. Guanzhong Ding, Chung-Ta King and Yi-Fan Chung

  96. Session 3C: Communication

  97. NR-MPI: a Non-stop and Fault Resilient MPI

  98. Guang Suo and Yutong Lu

  99. MPI-Interoperable Generalized Active Messages

  100. Xin Zhao, Pavan Balaji, William Gropp and Rajeev Thakur

  101. Real Asynchronous MPI Communication in Hybrid Codes through OpenMP Communication Tasks

  102. David Büttner, Jean-Thomas Acquaviva and Josef Weidendorfer

  103. OutFlank Routing: Increasing Bandwidth in Toroidal Interconnection Networks

  104. Francesco Versaci

  105. December 18, 2013 (Wednesday)

  106. Session 4A: Heterogeneous Computing

  107. On the Programmability and Performance of Heterogeneous Platforms

  108. Konstantinos Krommydas, Thomas R.W. Scogland and Wu-Chun Feng

  109. Architecture- and Workload- Aware Heterogeneous Algorithms for Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication

  110. Kishore Kothapalli, Sivaramakrisha Bharadwaj Indarapu and Manoj Maramreddy

  111. OpenCL-based Remote Offloading Framework for Trusted Mobile Cloud Computing

  112. Heungsik Eom, Pierre St Juste, Renato Figueiredo, Omesh Tickoo, Ramesh Illikkal and Ravishankar Iyer [Video]

  113. Session 4B: CPS

  114. Adaptive Accurate Indoor-Localization Using Passive RFID

  115. Xi Chen, Lei Xie, Chuyu Wang and Sanglu Lu

  116. A Better Understanding of Event-Triggered Control From A CPS Perspective

  117. Jie An, Jianguo Yao and Haihang Zhou

  118. Cost Minimization for Scheduling Parallel, Single-threaded, Heterogeneous, Speed-scalable Processors

  119. Rashid Khogali and Olivia Das

  120. Session 5A: GPUs

  121. Data Transfer Matters for GPU Computing

  122. Yusuke Fujii, Takuya Azumi, Nobuhiko Nishio, Shinpei Kato and Masato Edahiro

  123. Online Performance Projection for Clusters with Heterogeneous GPUs

  124. Lokendra Panwar, Ashwin M. Aji, Jiayuan Meng, Pavan Balaji and Wu-Chun Feng

  125. Leveraging Hybrid Hardware in New Ways- The GPU Paging Cache

  126. Frank Feinbube, Peter Tröger, Johannes Henning and Andreas Polze

  127. Session 5B: MapReduce and Distributed Computing

  128. Towards Improving MapReduce Task Scheduling Using Online Simulation Based Predictions

  129. Guanying Wang, Aleksandr Khasymski, Krish K. R. and Ali Butt

  130. Towards Multi-way Join Evaluating with Indexing Partition Support in Map-Reduce

  131. Yunpeng Li, Wenhai Li, Biren Chen, Wei Song, Weidong Wen and Wanghong Li

  132. OPTAS: Optimal Data Placement In MapReduce

  133. Changjian Wang, Yongrui Qin, Zhen Huang, Yuxing Peng and Dongsheng Li

  134. Session 6A: Multicores and Distributed Computing

  135. Strong Dynamic Consensus in Byzantine Faulty Systems with Churn

  136. Andreas Klappenecker and Hyunyoung Lee

  137. Energy-Aware Heuristics for Scheduling Parallel Applications on High Performance Computing Platforms

  138. Ahmed Ebaid, Reda Ammar and Sanguthevar Rajasekaran

  139. SimNUMA: Simulating NUMA-Architecture Multiprocessor Systems Efficiently

  140. Yi Liu, Yanchao Zhu, Xiang Li, Zehui Ni, Tao Liu, Yali Chen and Jin Wu

  141. Application Aware DRAM Bank Partitioning in CMP

  142. Takakazu Ikeda and Kenji Kise

  143. Session 6B: Networks

  144. A Distributed Approach to Constructing k-Hop Connected Dominating Set in Ad Hoc Networks

  145. Jiahong Wang, Yuhiro Yonamine, Eiichiro Kodama and Toyoo Takata

  146. Development of Efficient Role-based Sensor Network Applications with Excel Spreadsheets

  147. Christopher Boelmann and Torben Weis

  148. Trust-based Multi-Objective Optimization for Node-to-Task Assignment in Coalition Networks

  149. Jin-Hee Cho, Ing-Ray Chen, Yating Wang and Kevin Chan

  150. SAIL: A Strategy-Proof Combinatorial Auction Mechanism for Cooperative Communication

  151. Zhenzhe Zheng, Juntao Wang, Fan Wu and Guihai Chen

  152. Session 6C: P2P

  153. Dual-Region Location Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  154. Yinan Li, Ing-Ray Chen and Ding-Chau Wang

  155. Application Layer Multicast in P2P Distributed Interactive Applications

  156. Yusen Li, Wentong Cai and Xueyan Tang

  157. Policies for Efficient Data Replication in P2P Systems

  158. João Paiva and Luis Rodrigues

  159. Predicting Popularity and Adapting Replication of Internet Videos for High-Quality Delivery

  160. Guthemberg Silvestre, Sébastien Monnet, David Buffoni and Pierre Sens