THUNDER Research Group



Dr. Christophe Dubach

December 2011 - May 2012


School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh


Hongjune Kim (김홍준)

Thesis: Compiler Driven Soft Error Protection Techniques for GPUs

Ph.D. August 2020

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Purdue University

Gangwon Jo (조강원)

Thesis: High Level Synthesis of OpenCL Kernels for FPGAs

Ph.D. February 2020



Jungho Park (박정호)

Thesis: Optimizing GPU-accelerated Applications Using Workload Scheduling and Memory Management

Ph.D. February 2020



Junghyun Kim (김정현)

Thesis: Techniques for Ease of OpenCL Programming

Ph.D. February 2016

Senior Research Staff Member

Samsung Electronics

Sangmin Seo (서상민)

Thesis: Enhancing Performance Portability of OpenCL for Multicore CPUs

Ph.D. August 2013

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Argonne National Laboratory


Jungwon Kim (김정원)

Thesis: An OpenCL Framework for Heterogeneous Clusters

Ph.D. August 2013

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Choonki Jang (장춘기)

Thesis: Optimization and Management Techniques for Local Memeory Architectures

Ph.D. August 2011

Senior Research Staff Member

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Bernhard Egger

Thesis: Dynamic Scratchpad Memory Management

Ph.D. February 2008

Associate Professor

Seoul National University


Jeesoo Lee (이지수)

Thesis: Memory management technique for deep learning training with GPU

M.S. February 2021

Dongjin Na (나동진)

Thesis: Techniques to accelerate on-device inference of transformer models using Google Edge TPUs

M.S. February 2021

Samsung Electronics

Jungwook Kim (김정욱)

Thesis: Optimizing ELF Binaries on NUMA Systems

M.S. August 2020

Janghyun Son (손장현)

Thesis: A Semantic Segmentation Network and Synthesis Data Generation for Defects Detection

M.S. February 2020


Hyungmo Kim (김형모)

Thesis: Library-level Distributed Processing Method for CNN Training Using GPU Clusters

M.S. February 2020


PyeongSeok Oh (오평석)

Thesis: Collective Learning Techniques using Ensembles of Generators and Discriminators for GANs

M.S. August 2019

Youngdong Do (도영동)

Thesis: Performance Characterization of High-Performance Computing Applications

M.S. February 2019

Jiyoung Park (박지영)

Thesis: FPGA Accelerator Design of Deep Reinforcement Learning Model for Playing Atari Games

M.S. February 2018


Jaeho Shin (신재호)

Thesis: Auto-Optimization of Image Processing Program using OpenCL Through Dynamic Work-load Distribution

M.S. February 2017

SK Hynix

Bojun Seo (서보준)

Thesis: Reducing memory usage by sharing code on V8 JavaScript Engine

M.S. August 2016

LG Electronics

Jinyoung Joo (주진영)

Thesis: Bi-directional Source-to-source Translator Between CUDA and OpenCL

M.S. August 2014

Seonmyeong Bak (박선명)

Thesis: Lightweight Block-level Concurrent Sweeping for JavaScript Garbage Collection

M.S. August 2014

Ph.D. Student

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Jeongho Nah (나정호)

Completed Ph.D. coursework and left in February 2014

Thesis: Implementation of a Reigster Allocator for a Javascript JIT Compiler

M.S. February 2012


Jun Lee (이준)

Completed Ph.D. coursework and left in February 2014

Honggyu Kim (김홍규)

Completed Ph.D. coursework and left in February 2013

Thesis: Adaptive Execution Techniques of Parallel Programs for SMT Multicore Processors

M.S. February 2010


Seungkyun Kim (김승균)

Completed Ph.D. coursework and left in May 2012

LG Electronics

Joo Hwan Lee (이주환)

Thesis: Reducing JavaScript Compilation Time by Caching Code in Flash Memory

M.S. August 2011

Ph.D. Student

Georgia Institute of Technology

Eunbyung Park (박은병)

Thesis: Fast and Space-Efficient Virtual Machine Checkpointing

M.S. February 2011

Ph.D. Student

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jinho Pak (박진호)

Thesis: The Design and Implementation of UI for Architecture Simulator

M.S. February 2010


Posung Chun (전보성)

Thesis: Coherent Distributed Shared Memory Interface for Cell BE Cluster

M.S. February 2009


Chihun Kim (김지훈)

Thesis: A Dynamic Code Placement Techniques for Scratchpad Memory using Postpass Optimization

M.S. February 2008


Taejun Ha (하태준)

Thesis: An Automatic Memory Subsystem Parameter Detection Program

M.S. February 2008


Kwangseob Kim (김광섭)

Thesis: Optimization Techniques for Cycle-Accurate Instruction Set Simulator

M.S. February 2008

LG Electronics

Yoonsung Nam (남윤성)

Thesis: Cycle-Accurate and Fast Simulation Techniques for ARM Processors

M.S. February 2007

Samsung Electronics, Digital Media & Communications division

Jongyoung Lee (이종영)

Thesis: Reducing Execution Time of Memory Test Programs using SIMD Instructions and Caches in 64-bit Computing Environments

M.S. August 2006

Samsung Electronics, Memory division

Seokho Choi (최석호)

Thesis: An Intermediate Representation for Preserving Source Level Information and Optimization

M.S. August 2005


Changhee Jung (정창희)

Thesis: Helper Thread Prefetching for a Loosely-Coupled Multiprocessor System

M.S. February 2005

Ph.D. Student

Georgia Institue of Technology

Kiwon Kwon (권기원)

Thesis: SNACK-pop: A Postpass Optimizer for Embedded Systems

M.S. February 2005

Qualcomm Korea